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Guangdong intellectual expo in 2015

Time: 2016/3/30 11:07:03 Author: Longsheng

Buzz of the annual DMP die-casting Hong Kong exhibition to drop the curtain slowly like this! Each joy and sorrow, of course, want to estimate, because each took out a baby show in front of the closet, all hope to have a good one million in the year to come. Longsheng we also wish you all, the business is thriving, create the miracle! Yeah!

DE is not isolated, there will be a neighborhood, not alone, and there is a guest relic "velocity", although we longsheng intelligence was unable to attend the relocation of the die casting industry event, but, longsheng intelligent gentleman is good, thanks to our partners, let us get to know new friends, but we do not forget my old friends, a few days to all kinds of friends visiting, I!!!!! Less salty long sets, peace inside thick outside the folding of the resilience of longsheng, wide knot good causes and conditions, believe that often comes easily to the fruit.

Is predestined friends the guests both near and far, happiness, thank you to visit transmitting scriptures and delivering treasures, your recognition is the biggest encouragement and motivation to the fulfilled person! Sincere longsheng must meet "a person every learning opportunities for growth and possible business opportunities.

11, 20, dalingshan MNH li, general manager of a line, this is the second batch of customers continue to single, thanks to the support of the customers, sometimes in thought, the business is very important a task is: good service, make the head back to the guest back.

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