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Innovation priority areas will be intelligent manufacturing in China

Time: 2016/3/30 11:04:58 Author: Longsheng

Intelligent manufacturing include innovation priority areas

Xi jinping said in the letters, with the integration, informationization, industrialization represented by robot science and technology of intelligent industry booming, become an important symbol of modem science and technology innovation. China will robots and intelligent manufacturing into the priority field of national science and technology innovation.

Xi jinping pointed out that the conference in order to "win-win synergy fusion, led intelligent society" as the theme, reflects the coordinated innovation, win-win development trend of the multi-disciplinary fusion, embodies the consensus of global technology and industry. Hope that scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world join hands to jointly promote the development of robot technology innovation, to create a better future for human society to make a positive contribution.

To create the world's largest market robot

Li keqiang made written instructions, points out that the world robot conference was held in Beijing, to promote China and the global robot technology and industrial development is of great significance. China is implementing the innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promote the entrepreneurship, innovation and "Internet +", "made in China 2025", the robot will strongly promote the growth of emerging industries, to create the world's largest market. Scientists all over the world entrepreneur strengthen cooperation, hand in hand with boosting robot innovation and industrial development of science and technology to achieve a greater breakthrough, inject momentum for the global economy, to create a new contribution the intelligence of human society.

Mr Li, vice chairman of the 2015 world conference on robot at the opening ceremony of the read out of congratulations xi jinping, li keqiang, instructions and delivered a speech.

2015 world conference on robot by China association for science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology, Beijing municipal people's government of the host. 12 robot international organization, 58 domestic research institutions to participate in the meeting. From more than 10 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, more than 100 experts and scholars participate in BBS keynote report and projects. More than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the robot exhibition, displaying the leading robot products. 145 youth team in 16 countries and regions to participate in the two-day world junior robot invitational.

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