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The new three board for signing ceremony

Time: 2016/3/30 10:56:36 Author: Longsheng

Dongguan longsheng die casting equipment co., LTD., chairman of the general manager LuoYong Yuan Baorong, dongguan securities company, securities company in dongguan xie, vice general manager, Allen Lew Luo Yifen overseas Marketing Department, law firm, accounting firm Liu Lianzao attended the meeting, such as common witness open dongguan longsheng die casting equipment co., LTD summer trip to market expansion.

Dongguan city longsheng die casting equipment co., LTD., chairman of Yuan Baorong addressed in the first place, he first of all, thank the government for our support, thank you for participating guests, marked the consummation company launch new three board. Related leaders said that successfully listed on the "new three board" will be fulfilled the company a new milestone, make the company governance structure in the specification, expand the financing channels, expand the scale of operation, to strengthen technical innovation and social responsibility will reach a higher level.

In the future, consummation company will as a starting point, through the agency share transfer system of incubation, further perfecting the corporate governance structure, call the reasonable resources fully, develop the market channel, improve sales performance and service level, building first-class reputation, build the company into a Chinese die casting blank holder automation equipment industry the most professional manufacturers and service providers; At the same time will continue to adhere to independent innovation, and constantly optimize innovation mechanism, continue to meet customers' changing needs; Positive to keep up with the pace of the trend of The Times leading die casting blank holder automation equipment industry continuous development and expansion. Responsible for consumers and investors, pay attention to employees' rights and interests, to obey the government leadership, do well the relationship with the community, and so on, thus promote the consummation company and a coordinated and harmonious development of the whole society.

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