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Longsheng die-casting die casting

Time: 2016/3/30 10:53:38 Author: Longsheng


On the afternoon of December 16, 2014, chairman of China die casting net Zou Wang shine, visit DaLang town in dongguan, dongguan longsheng die-casting die casting peripheral equipment manufacturers of equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "longsheng"), and chairman of longsheng Yuan Baorong after preliminary understanding of company development, and two people die casting to discuss and explore the market for the future.

 During the conversation, two people respectively analyzes the market environment for the development of die casting industry, industry development present situation, and based on the trajectory of industry with many years of practical experience, the development trend of the future of Chinese die casting industry how to pull the die-casting risks surrounding automation equipment and to eliminate hidden dangers to make objective analysis and forecasting.

 Longsheng Yuan Baorong chairman, tells the story of the company's operating philosophy, principles and mission, the integrated use of qualitative and quantitative management methods, quality and service to meet customer demand, adhering to the die casting manufacturing enterprises to promote the concept of lean production, in the company's development strategy on hardware, casting a bright spot, there are ten thousand times more confident to do well in the market demand, in the industry leader. Chairman Zou Wang shine actively give affirmation, and offered to support the development of longsheng company, two people in the process of conversation is very well, but also verify the consummation company's rapid development.

 Longsheng company was founded in 2010, is a professional engaged in die-casting surrounding automation equipment research and development and robot system integration of high-tech enterprises, is currently developed a series of die-casting surrounding automation equipment: worm gear machine connecting rod/single arm chain to soup, upright/servo/electric connecting rod sprayer, worm out take all-in-one machine, hot chamber, spray, spray out linear robot, and can with KUKA robot, ABB and other big brands do system integration.

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